If you move to live in Spain, you will need a Residence Card (Tarjeta de Residencia).

The Residence Card, is a card that includes your NIE, your photograph, personal data and your fingerprint.

Therefore, you need to apply for the Residence Card in person, when you are in Spain.

You will need the Residence Card but a number of formalities. For example, if you need to prove your address, or your right to work or stay in Spain.

For citizen of outside the European Union, the Residence Card will expire after one year, and after the first year ends they can apply for a new Residence Card which will last for five years. And after that time they will need to renew it.

Spanish nationals also need to carry a Residence Card, and they also have to renew it every 10 years.

Once you are in Spain, we can help you to complete the forms and take them to the relevant place so that you obtain or renew your Residence Card.