Spanish Litigation Solicitor

Laura Garcia has extensive experience in Spanish litigation matters and will work alongside with the litigation solicitor, appointed for you in Spain. The chosen solicitor in Spain for each claim will be an experienced, reputable and trustworthy professional who will work under our same ethical and professional code, as instructed by ourselves.

We have large and successful experience in matters where money has been lost to a promoter. We also provide help in claims in Spain against insurers or banks, inheritance matters and others. Get in touch with Laura Garcia for an assessment of your claim, your claim may be entitled to a no win no fee claim! Whatever your problems, call us to speak to a Spanish litigation solicitor today on 01273 222 912.

What is Litigation?

Litigation is the legal term for bringing or defending a claim in court. Laura Garcia has substantial experience in property related litigation cases. This is particularly relevant if you have purchased a new build property in Spain and now find yourself in dispute.

A breach of contract may occur if there are delays in construction or a change in the way the property has been completed. Perhaps the build cost has been increased. At Lgnlaw we seek to find speedy resolutions to Spanish litigation matters and endeavour to avoid court action wherever possible.

Spanish Litigation

If you live, work, own a home or have a dispute in Spain it is sensible to seek professional advice from a Spanish solicitor (or Abogados) who has extensive experience in this aspect of Spanish law. At Lgnlaw we take a practical and creative approach to mediating disputes. We work within professional guidelines to settle claims outside of the court structure.

My experience in Spanish litigation includes:

  • Claims to recover property purchase deposits: claims against banks for unprotected deposits, success in claims against AIFOS. Send me one copy of your contract and I will let you know if your claim is entitled to a no win no fee claim.
  • Timeshare Claims: annulment of holiday club membership and recovery of purchase money paid. Send copy of your contract to me and I will let you know if your case is entitled to a no win no fee claim.
  • Property disputes
  • Will, trusts and estate disputes

I can help resolve your dispute

I will help you for the legal action to take place in the correct jurisdiction. That may be in Spain, the Balearic Isles or the Canary Islands, England or elsewhere offshore.  We try to find ways to settle disputes through arbitration using the courts to claim compensation where possible.

I have large and successful experience in matters where money has been lost. Please get in touch with me so that we can make a proper assessment of your case. I also provide help in claims against promoters, insurers or banks, inheritance matters and others. A simple phone call may be all that is required to assess if your claim is viable.

Fluent English-speaking Spanish Lawyer

Laura Garcia is a fluent English-speaking Spanish and English solicitor. She is an experienced and trustworthy legal professional who operates under ethical and professional code European codes of practise. This is essential so that clients are made aware of all developments to provide you with a service that enables Spanish Judgements and orders to be presented in a clear and concise manner.

Avoid the stress of Spanish litigation

It is in our client’s interest that we seek to resolve disputes as diligently and quickly as possible. Litigation proceedings are extremely stressful, whether they are brought against you or you are instigating proceedings. Lgnlaw will seek to outline the merits of each individual case to offer the best advice on your best course of action to reduce costs and deliver speedy outcomes.

Laura Garcia is a respected and organised legal advisor within the legal profession. She has worked with a wide range of clients from large commercial companies to compact businesses and individuals. Her approach is on individual basis, the same regardless of the size of the project – ensuring that the wishes of the client are central to her law practise.

If you have a Spanish litigation dispute call Laura Garcia Navarrete on 01273 222 912 or contact us online. Whatever your problems, we can help.