A Power of Attorney is a document that allows someone else to get into legally binding agreements on your behalf. You may need a Power of Attorney if you wish to appoint a Spanish solicitor, or a professional agent or another third person (a family member, etc) to act on your behalf.

Although we are based in Brighton, you can sign a Power of Attorney wherever you are in the UK. We can prepare a Power of Attorney that you can sign at a Notary’s office near you, therefore there in no need to travel within the UK.

Once you have signed the Power of Attorney at the Notary’s office, the document has to be legalised so that it is valid in Spain. The legalisation of the document consists in adding or stamping the Apostille of the Hague at the back of the document. In UK the legalisation is done by the Foreign Office, and we can arrange for this.

If you don’t know well enough a solicitor or agent to appoint them as your Attorney, we can recommend a trusted professional that can act on your behalf. When the agent has been appointed by us, the agent or Spanish solicitor will work under our instructions and return the Power of Attorney to us when their task is finished.

No copies of the Power of Attorney can be issued without your signature, therefore you can have the peace of mind that another document will not be issued. This is an important issue; when you sign a Power of Attorney at a Spanish Notary’s office, the Notary will keep the original and issue certified copies.

We can also prepare any type of Deed, please get in touch with us for more information. The Deeds that our clients need to sign more often are the deed of acceptance of an inheritance, or the deed of refusal to accept an inheritance, but there are many other types that you may need to sign. Like the Spanish Power of Attorney, Spanish Deeds need to be signed and witnessed by a Notary and to be legalised with the Apostille of the Hague