If you are thinking of cancelling a timeshare or holiday agreement, we can advise you and guide you through the process, either by mediation with the Club or by obtaining the judicial annulment. Even if you signed the agreement over a year ago, it may be possible to recover what you paid. Therefore call Laura Garcia now on 01273 222 912

Or if you have been a happy timeshare owner for a number of years but now the timeshare doesn’t work for you, we can help you to move out of the contract.

Laura Garcia is a Spanish lawyer who specialises cancelling a timeshare and reclaiming funds for clients who have been mis-sold timeshares. She has a proven track record and will mediate on your behalf to receive the funds you deserve.

It is important to make clear that:

  • We can obtain the annulment of your timeshare or holiday club contract through the Court of Spain, and the refund of the purchase price
  • We can obtain money back or release of obligations (cancellations) under Section 75 Consumer Credit Act 1975 and or under Spanish law Law 42/1998
  • On review of your documents, we can let you know if your claim is entitled to ‘no win no fee’ or to a fixed fee.
  • We can obtain deposits paid under Visa and MasterCard regulations
  • You should not accept compromises, swaps or new products when trying to cancel or sell a timeshare
  • You should not pay for the sale of a timeshare or holiday club membership
  • Do not make payments by bank transfer

Lgnlaw are specialists in Spanish timeshare law

I can also assist you in claiming back the thousands of pounds owed to you by timeshare companies particularly in Spain, the Balearics and the Canary Isles.

You may have been mis-sold a timeshare contract by companies who use pressure techniques to take deposits, particularly by credit card. After careful consultation Laura Garcia will assess whether you have cause to recover money or if misrepresentation has taken place.

We can help you claim back the deposit that you have paid

Perhaps you felt you were forced to sign a timeshare agreement? Laura Garcia can advise you through the process and provide you with a cost effective service to recover your money. Perhaps you were not mis-sold a timeshare, but you have decided the timeshare no longer suits your purpose. Lgnlaw can find the right solution for you.

Many timeshares are sold by attending timeshare presentations. Bogus companies offer incentives for you to attend these presentations, such as notifying you that you have won a gift; all you have to do to claim your gift is to attend the presentation.

Some timeshare companies legitimately state that you can only claim your gift if you sign up to a timeshare. Other less reputable companies do not make this clear and this is where problems arise.

At Lgnlaw we advise that you only attend these presentations if you are actually interested in the timeshare. We would never recommend you attend merely to claim the free gift.

We would also recommend you do not sign any contract until you have had time to properly assess the agreement and have read the small print. If you bring the contract to Laura Garcia at Lgnlaw she will quickly ascertain the validity of the contract.

Buying a timeshare outside of your home country

If you buy a timeshare outside of your home country you will need the advice of a legal specialist to advise you on all aspects of Spanish property law. Please be aware that the timeshare market is particularly buoyant and there are always more people wishing to sell timeshares compared to those who are buying.

There are many legitimate timeshare companies operating creditable businesses, however, there are many who are unethical. Stay clear of cold callers. If you are contacted by a timeshare company ensure that they never take you credit card details and that you are mindful of what is happening.

There are many good timeshare companies in operation, particularly in Spain, however we all too often hear of the unscrupulous businesses who promise much at a fraction of the actual cost.  If you are thinking of buying a or cancelling a timeshare, don’t hesitate to call Laura Garcia at now on 01273 222 912